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Recently put together an AR lower for a pistol build that I always wanted and as luck would have it the stock trigger was very creepy, unlike the one I had put together for my neighbor that broke very cleanly. My trigger felt like it had at least a 1/4" or more of travel before it broke, which from day one I very much didn't like. With X-mas around the corner and not really wanting to spend the money on an up-grade I decided I'd give the $10 trigger job a try which is posted in 68Forums How To Guide section.

Today was the day for the modification as I took off from work to get the house in shape for the holidays. Very much to my surprise, even though I was expecting it to work, I didn't expect it to work as well as it did. Although I am still using the stock springs I'm very happy how this modfication worked. I was able to adjust the creep to almost nothing and could actually take every bit of it out if I wanted too. It breaks clean albeit still a tad heavy (due to the stock springs) but I can deal with that and if I get the wild hair all I have to do is order the JP springs and I believe I will be set. I would not hesitate to do this again in future for it really worked.

Time it took... 1/2 hour or less
Money spent.. $.50 for a set screw
End result...... worth every penny spent and then some.
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