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How do you mark your 6.8SPC mags?

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I just got some CProduct 25 rds and they look pretty much like a standard AR mag so my question is do you mark your mags 6.8 and if so how.
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Yes they look exactly the same. I got some of the one inch stencils at the hard ware store and sprayed orange 68 on my 6.8 mags and 556 on my 556 mags, it is a tough system but it works for me....
I put blue electrical tape around the bottom. Tactile and visual.
I write on my mags with a Sharpie.

I'm all PMAGs for 5.56, all stainless for 6.8. Very hard to mix them up...

Just another option.
Magpuls on the bottom of the mags, the PRI waffle pattern is also pretty distinct...
Wally World paint pencils from the arts and crafts section, works great for marking ammo boxes too.
I run FDE pmags in 5.56, and barrett mags for the 6.8. I have two HK mags left for 5.56 that are pretty well beat up (50% finish remaining at best) but I only use them for plinking at the range, no hard use.
I use ranger floor plates on my 6.8s and regular magpuls on 556. I like to have a difference I can feel.

Dull Yellow Paint down the larger groove on the side, and 6.8 plus capacity (i.e. 25) on the flat end in the same yellow.
the small ridges on the 6.8 mags are much shallower then the 5.56 ridges because the cases of the 6.8 are larger
I too had been debating what to do with my mags...I've got some PRI mags that are easy enough to tell apart, but I have C-Prod 25rd mags that are SS and look very similar to my 5.56 SS C-Prod mags. I just got a small stensil at hobby lobby and used flat white spray paint....here's a pic.

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i just buy the Barrett mags , they are already marked 6.8 on the side of the mag. 8)
I have all GI aluminum grey mags for .233. All my 6.8 mags are black thats how I do it. I actually gave away to a friend my black .223 mags after got my first 6.8.
The easiest way is to only own 6.8 uppers :)
I'm going to need to do something as well. The PRI mags are distinct with the waffle pattern. But the C-pro mags in 6.8 and 5.56 are hard to distinguish.
The easiest way is to only own 6.8 uppers :)
+1 on that one :)
Spray paint. OD green for 6.8 and desert tan for 5.56. Keep repeating it to yourself over and over and you don't forget.
Easy - all my 5.56's are PMags
My 5.56 are all old aluminum GI surplus. My 6.8 are all shiny black, new and heavier. :D
Weight alone is enough to tell them apart. And I tend to segregate the stuff, anyway. All these ideas are good, though
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