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Hornady L-N-L Case feeder in stock @ Midway

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Just a heads up... For those with Hornady Lock-N-Load progressive presses...Midway has the 110v Automatic Case feeder in stock right now.


Most suppliers have been out for some time.

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Guess what I got for my anniversary!?!:):):) and from where at least on the case feeder.

I am right now look at a Hrdy LNL AP and the case feeder all the feeder plates, the shell plates for 6.8 4.46 .45acp, new sets of dies for all as well.

Talk about a wife that knows her husdband. Only bad thing is I have not had a chance to get is setup yet. Hope to do that this week.

I have been drooling over these since SHOT. All I need now is a bullet feeder and the Hrdyy power case prep center and I will be in reladoing heaven.:)

THe Mrs was apparently able to get the case feeder from Midway. Its been instock for at least two weeks and the press from Natchez. But the presses were gone very fast. She had orderd it from R and R arms whihc appears to be a veyr large supplier. They are very proud of there live invernoty system and say it is very accurate. Well she ordered as it showed in stock. Then waited a day to see if the inventory changes before ordering the other stuff form other sites. It did but she being parinod called them to confirm it was instock as the bullet feed plates and all add up to more than the press. They assured her if it showed on the site it was GTG. She asked them to check but that is all she got. So she orderd all the other asseroises as the press was a sure thing. NOT. She gets a email 3 days later saying sorry the inventory was wrong and your order is cancled. Emailed them back asking how it could be and they never responded. Luckily she told me and I was looking around and I clicked back to Natchez that had been showing outr of stoc k 15 min earlier and WOW they showed instock. Called and ordered and they only had 7 left out of a big shipment in that 15min time period. Infact they were going so fast the sales rep rushed me thru so he could get it entered than took care of all my questions.

Based on this I will never do buisness with them again and I recommned others not either. It wasn't even a best price. Natchez beat it by $40 all said and done. Natchez is totally on the other side. They were helpful happy answered all my questions made sure everything was gTG and I was happy. Shipped that day arrived 3 days later. Perfect experince from Natchez Awesome!!!

I am now a happy excited owner :)
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Either the MR bullet feeder or the RCBS. I woudl just go with the RCBS but I am always very leary of getting something when they still have to release the rifle setup. With as bad as companies are at hitting there release dates. I do nto want to get it and find out I am stuck for a 1 or mroe waitng on the rifel or they only will make it for a few caliber. MR bulletfeeder will do most any caliber you need and they will fit the Hrdy. The main reason I wish I coudl do RCBS is the comapies is stable beacuse of its size and name. One thing I found is all of them will say not meant for lead bullets but they all work with them its jsut you may end up having to clean it more often becasue of the lube. If they are swagged ones like the zeros etc you are GTG. But most that use the feeders load lead. I use the lead zero bullets for my 45. I may try the same bullet in plated next time as the price is neg and if might make cleaning much easier although lead has never been a problem for me to date even with GLocks. I had 55K round of lead thru my 17 before I gave it to a relative. Great thing about lead the barrel last much much longer. Seems like 100:1:)
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AS you have the older model AP have you upgraded to the ez-eject sub-plate and arm? It is very nice. They also mad changes to the machining on the frame. You now can bolt the case feeder directly to the frame with none of the bushing or fittings etc. Its milled and tapped for it to go right in.

I have to say I think Hrdy has everyone beat including the blue gaint. With teh auto indexing and the half move of the case plate for each half of the stroke is somthing all presses should have. I can;t tell you how many times Consrtuctor was cursing upia strom while onteh phomne with me as his dillon would throw powder out of the cases of his 650 as it indexed.

Also with the Auto indexing the powder measuere setup is the best as well. RCBS is close as well. No 1965 powder bar set up. I will have to see but it looks like a numbner of other measures will work as well.

The real out of the ball park item is the quick change bushings. That kicks everythings butt IMO. I can change my single stage press dies so fast I could almost keep pace with a turret press until my fingers fell off that is. It allows them to use a one peice ridgid frame on the AP yet change the dies out as fast as a dillon plate without any of the flex of the plate.

The QC poiwder measuer inserts allow you to have one setting for each load or the micro meter allow you to change it to pre recorded amounts. No testing multiple times to get it right.

With the QC powder drop you can have one set for each cartidge so you do not need to reset the distance fore each case change. Best of all none of it is really than costly. It seems priced fair to me.

I really did a ton of reseach before going with the HRdy. I used a Dillon 550 for years 100Ks of pistol and rifle rounds with it. I then tested then sdie by sdie at SHOT this year as they all had their booths next to each other as you know. IMO the Hrdy is more equal to the 550 in cost but has the preformance like the 650 but with upgrades. Since it looks like bullet feeder are aviable there is nothing the 650 does more or better but the Hrdy has many things the dillon doesn't. Not only that vut when you consdier the bullets you are getting the press for around 200 which is just icing on the cake as I would get it without them for sure. On the dillon it seems like you have to midiy a ton of stuff just to get it to pref smoothly. They do have the best CS for sure to the pont of being extreme but Hrdy has been very good.
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I understand completely.

For me I am looking at it as a long time investment. I have narrowed the rounds I woudl mass load to only 3 or 4. Also with all the function testing we have to do for each xtreme upper its worth it from a time standpoint.

Hey can you explain if you know how the bullet feeder dies work. I am trying to figure out how the bullet drops in from the top and then still seats the bullet. I was thinking maybe they can in from the side or at an angle so then there was a way for them to still have a held vertically.

Glad you reminded me about the bullets as i had set the coupon to the sdie and forgotten about it the last week. I plan to pay to upgrade to the 110 OTMs whihc I think was around .05 per round. I can not remmer what I read in a post were the op had done this. It also seems like it wil be a very long wait but maybe not as the 6.8 is not the same violume as the roudns otehrs are piucking like the 30 cal 224 etc..
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I should have it together this week and run a 1000 rounds or so this weekend if it all goes as I expect. I am most interested in seeing if I have everything prepped and in a very organized way how many rounds can I load per hour going from cleaned fired cases to loaded.

Here is what I want to check and report on if I can.

Actual intial setup easy or dificult any issues time to complete both by itself and with case feeder

How it operates

Load rate per hour

time to make a complete cartidge change.

Time to change out die sets by themselves

there is another post in here where I list all the benefits of the Hrdy I saw when comparing them.
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Thanks . What I was actually asking about was not setup but how the actual seating die works. The custom feeder seating die has to allow the bullet to drop onto the case but at he same time has to be able to hold it from teh tip to seat it. The feeders look like the bullet drops down thru the die from the top. If that is true what hold the bullet to seat it onto the case. I can see how to lock in and hold it for the case but can not see how it hold the bullet in place while it is seating. I wanted to know how the die actually worked. Do you know how it works? Even a rouhg desription woudl be helpoful if yiou have seen one working and paid attention to it. I llike a knuckle head was not while at SHOT.
Thansk what I am tring to figure out then is what is holding the bullet as the case is pressed up into the die with the bullet. Normal dies have a seating stem that has cone at the end that eh bullets tip sits in and the ram pused the case up and the stem stops the bullet so teh bullet is pused into the case. If the top of the feeder die is open to allow the bullet to drop onto the case than was it there to stop the bullet from beign pushed right back up as the ram moves the case up? I am sure when I see one I will be slapping my forehead as it will be so simple to understand. I have a couple of ideas they jsut seem a bit complex .
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