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I am not real happy with Hornady right now. Their Commie Totalitarian Shit over the mandate and then their response to the leak being chiefly why.

Not to mention that in my opinion they seem to have appropriated a client's (H) work to create the ARC. (they may be about to do the same again with the 7 PRC) I can't really speak to any underhandness of the situation as I'm not privy to the contracts nor communications. Its more that there where was a lack of any credit or even a professional nod to the innovator whose work their cartridge was based that chaps my ass. It wasn't how they handled the 6.5 Creedmoor where Dave Emery gave credit to Dennis Demille for his Wildcat that eventually became the 6.5 C. It just seems that something has changed at Hornady to me, and not for the better. At least if you feel basic ethics matters.Then there is also the 'Hornady Bulge', what the hell is up with that?

Anyway I am glad at least they can make projos for clients without 'appropriating' them. I don't know about Graf's Carcano, but S&B publicly gives Hornady credit for the design work for the PTS.

Not sure what their agreement is, but wonder if it precludes there being a S&B PTS in Hornady's 6.5 Creedmoor. Which BTW is the only cartridge in the Hornady stable S&B makes.

I like the S&B brass better, and will like the PTS 180 308. Thinking I will, especially if they do better than the ELDs at close range, and still perform at distance. Feeling like they should, at least in the 180s.
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