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I have the following bullets available:
(7x) Speer 100gr 6.8/.277 HP's
(7x) Hornady 100gr 6.8/.277 pointed soft points (spire points)

All are in their respective boxes, and are new bullets without cannulures. This is not loaded ammo. The boxes are each 100ct, and the total is 1400 bullets. Boxes generally run around $22 each, but I will make someone a good deal in trade.

I would like to trade the bullets for any of the following:
-6.8 SPC brass (new or 1x fired)
-6.8 SPC die sets w/ neck die
-loaded 6.8 ammo
-6.8/.277 115-130gr bullets
-anything 6.8SPC related

Please email me if you have questions or offers.

[email protected]
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