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Hornady 6MM Creedmoor

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I noticed in the latest NRA Riflemen that Hornady is showing their loaded 6 MM Creedmoor ammo. They have a 108 gr ELD Match and a 103 gr. ELD-x hunting round.

Copper Creek has three loads, the 115gr DTAC RBT , 105gr Berger Hybrid and the 105gr Hornady BTHP Match.

Now a 22 inch 6 MM AR barrel heavily fluted would be a sweet ride.

I just checked and X Caliber can give you a 6MM 5R stainless 22 inch barrel no flutes for $290

My mistake into the Creedmoor world was not having a muzzle brake, got the YIPS BIG TIME.

But I have an extra AR 308 upper receiver and an extra BCG and extra CH. Just dreaming.
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Did some looking, found this on Facebook
MSG James Eagleman with his 22" X-Caliber AR Barrel chambered in 6mm Creedmoor. 3 shots under 3" at 1000 yards is why this man is a long range shooting instructor. Google him, you might learn something new.
Too much math involved to figure the MOA value

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