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Homemade M4 feed ramps seem to be working

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I had enough of my Stag failing to feed the 90 grain HPs and the 100 grain Rems. So I went nuts the other night and made some M4 style feed ramps. Plus I de-burred everything else and polished the crap of of everything.

I took it out today and intentionally loaded up some 90 grain sierras much shorter (2.195 COL) than the riffle used to like and ran them through with no problems. Then I did the same for the 100 grain Remingtons. They sailed through without a hitch

I have some PRI mags coming as well to replace the 6 C-mags. I am sure part of my problem was the C-mags as well.

The new feed ramps seem to have helped with the first and last round flyers. Although they are still there, they are much closwer to the main group now.
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Bimjo said:
Well, when you drop a round in the chamber to test fire it, it's gonna work, right?
+1 Should have explained that hand loading doesn't count as testing. I am glad I cancelled two orders with Stag on parts.
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