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Holster Recommendations and Discussions..

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Now that you guys have me reading Gabe Suarez materials, I was reading on warriortalk.com that Suarez doesn't allow Blackhawk Serpa holsters due to risk of accidental discharge with trigger finger after pushing button on holster. I do not own one but they do seem to be popular.

What are the better Kydex or composite belt or thigh holsters out there right now for a duty sized handgun, say a Sig or 1911?
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I have a black hawk Serpa drop leg holster on its way for my 1911 what do most of you use for mag pouches on your drop leg rigs? i know for my 92f i have a safariland with there mag pouches but do not see single stack mag pouches for the black hawk rig?
I use "The Concealable" by Galco for my EMP as my main CCW. Its really comfortable, and nice quality in terms of a leather holster.

Edit: My bad, I didn't read closely enough that your looking at polymer only... :roll:
My Cross Breed Super Tuck is the most comfortable IWB I have tried IIRC Loonybin stated he has fallen asleep with his on and I myself have nearly done so. My goto FFL also uses a cross breed and loves it. At 5'8 230# I aint exactly skinny and find it extremely comfortable. The one recommendation I would make is to get the "combat grip" option otherwise it is alot harder to get a proper grip prior to the draw.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts