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Holster Recommendations and Discussions..

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Now that you guys have me reading Gabe Suarez materials, I was reading on warriortalk.com that Suarez doesn't allow Blackhawk Serpa holsters due to risk of accidental discharge with trigger finger after pushing button on holster. I do not own one but they do seem to be popular.

What are the better Kydex or composite belt or thigh holsters out there right now for a duty sized handgun, say a Sig or 1911?
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rmcdermid said:
I used the MTAC for concealed carry. It is a hybrid leather/kydex, but I LOVE it. :)
I have looked at these, being a 'larger' d00d, will it still be comfortable for us guys that carry extra with us?

Honestly that is my challenge, when trying to find a comfortable IWB holster. If your a bit over weight, they just aren't very comfortable, maybe there isn't one that will work? Who knows...

Mostly carry now with Galco OWB holster for my Springfield Micro...Just make sure to wear a long shirt over. With summer comming quickly in Texas this won't be realistic going forward...

Sorry for the ramble...
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