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holster for xd 5" tactical

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This sucks. I am trying to get ready for a 3gun match at the end of the month and am trying to get a drop leg together for my xd. The serpa drop leg matched to a serpa cqc for xd was the most I could find that was available. The cqc holster fits the xd but the last inch of the barrel sticks out the bottom including exposing the front sight. I don't like that although I know it is my comp gun and that is why I bought it I don't want it taking that much abuse escpecially with this match since we will be climbing up attics and over fences and such.

So what holster does anyone knowof that fits the tactical covering the barrel completely? Is Safariland the only one? and if so where is it available?

Thanks ahead of time for the help.
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I have yet to find one other than a nylon universal drop leg holster by blackwater(discontd) and Tactical assault gear. Condor has a new one that is pretty cool and cheap. I think blade tech makes one that encloses the muzzle.
I have a Safariland on order. I can return the Blackhawk serpa for credit and I have a coopin (Ron White) for some more off from other purchases there. This one specified the 5" barrel both on Safarilands website and Optics planet site. Hopefully it will work. I think Safariland maybe one of the only ones that makes the whole drop leg for it so far.
I kept the Blackhawk dropleg platform because a couple of other holsters I have for other pistols fit it so all was not lost it seems. Plus I like the idea of tricking it out with other stuff for the left leg if need be. IT IS TACTICOOL:)
Please let me know how it works out and let me know how you like the retention system function and practicality....
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