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Hi from New New Zealand

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First off, what a wonderful community here!
I have been lurking for a couple of weeks after I was offered a 6.8 Stag upper for a good price so had to learn more about this caliber and its abilities/limitations before deciding.
There is a wealth of information here and everyone is so helpful!

I look forward to taking part, building my own upper and getting out to use it.

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Welcome to the fray. Always nice having folks from other corners of this blue planet.
Welcome to the forum.

Welcome from the great state of Texas. Glad you found us!
Post pics of your rig as you go along.
Welcome to the forum!
welcome aboard kiwi! a friend of mine, who has visited me is a kiwi. he's into restoring old cars and is a musician by trade. used to play with the mike rudd r&b chants. he came over and we toured the delta blues aread ending up in memphis where a rockabilly group he knew of was playing. was a great road trip, excepting when i let him drive and he scared me to death
Thanks Guys.

I'll be sure to post photos, the plan at this stage it to build a light weight hunting rig using ARP barrel and bolt.

Yes, us Kiwi's love our cars, music and the outdoor life. Feel free to ask about our way of life.
Welcome. My wife is from New Zealand.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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