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Help needed for first 6.8 build, I know ya'll got the time to look!!

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Hello all. My name is Alex and I am new here and need some help locating parts. I guess the easiest way to do this is to list everything that I need, and I really need assistance in locating these items. I already have a stripped lower and a barrel on the way from Titan ( 16" ) The following is what I need.

1. Bolt and a carrier group ( can be separate)
2. All parts for barrel to function with the rifle, like the gastube and such.
3. Upper. I would like an A3 fully assembled.

My other question is that if I run the Titan barrel with the mid-length gas port what size fore-end can I put on it to completely cover the gas block? which gas block will fit under a quad-rail full length fore-end? Will there still be enough room to fit a front fixed sailboat sight to the barrel?

Thanks for reading all this crap and I hope to find some answers.
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You can also look at bisonarmory.com. They are a site sponser and should have just about everything you would need if Titan Armory doesn't.
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