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Help! I need a new extractor

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I broke my extractor today and need a new one. CMMG upper, their website says they are way backed up and e-mail only, Rock River doesn't answer the phone most of the time and they are backed up, any ideas? I really want to get 2 as I should have a spare but I don't.

PS I just reamed my chamber to SPCII so I was excited to try it out and I broke it on the first mag at the range
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Just curious - how old is your CMMG upper? Reason I ask is the extractor in my CMMG 6.8 upper broke after about 400 rds. I got mine in late '06. Figured I had weakened/damaged the extractor after firing the old SSA X-treme ammo before I knew better.
Should have added, changed to a KoTonics barrel shortly after the extractor issue, no problems since. Also wasn't trying to knock SSA, the X-treme bullet was simply not compatable with the SAAMI chamber and 1:10 twist.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts