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HelP? Bumping back Primed Brass?

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Quick question? So I sized a bunch of brass to my .003 bump setting. I had already primed my brass, and then I unscrewed my RCBS small base die and notice that the dang Die had unscrewed a hair while cycling. I went ahead and loaded 15 rounds of different charges for testing. I kinda figured that my short cycling problems from waaaay back might come back because of the die loosening. Well it did. Now my question is: Since all my brass is now Primed can I just take the deprime pin out and set my die back to where it is suppose to be and run all the brass back through to get the proper bump? with out having to knock all the primers back out?
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Yes when I buy federal primed brass the necks are usually ding up a little and that's what I do is just remove the decaping pin and resize them.
Yep. Just cannot do it with loaded ammo since the neck will not fit back up through the die.
If you remove the decapping rod entirely your necks will be too tight. The die sizes the case a few thousandths too tight, and then the perfect size is achieved when the sizer button is pulled back through the neck. What I do is either remove just the decapping pin, or even easier, just back the decapper off enough so the decapping pin doesn't punch the primer. That way you are ensured the proper neck tension.
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