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Hello from Western Kentucky

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Kentucky Drover here. I have been reading the forums for several weeks and just acquired a new DPMS upper last week. It is currently on its way to Paulosantos for a little chamber work. Had a great time this deer season hunting with the 7.62X39 in a AR 16" carbine. I think the 6.8 might make it my "backup" gun!!

I have a gun shop and an NRA affaliated range on the farm. I am excited about this cartridge and the AR platform and wish to promote its spread/use.

I have contacted Silver State Armory and I am considering stocking their products in the store. Nancy is a pleasure to work with!

I would like to get your input on the number of shooters in the Western KY, Southern ILL, North East Tenn, and the Boothill of MO. that are actively shooting the 6.8 and if you feel there is a need for a stocking SSA dealer in the area.

Please respond with your thoughts.

By the way- we host a long range falling plate rifle match from March- November. Range out to 400 yards. Would be glad to see more precision rifle shooters in the match. You folks from Ft. Campbell are only @ 1.5 hours out.

Thanks for this site and its gracious members in sharing knowledge of the 6.8.

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Welcome, post more details on the Match when its about 6 weeks out!
Welcome aboard. It's been a pleasure talking to you on the phone.

Would like to see some photos of your range and shop...when you get back in town.

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