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Hello Everybody!

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Hi everybody:
I've been browsing this forum for a while now...thought I probably should stop by and introduce myself!
I just recently received my Rock River LAR 6.8 CAR/A4.
I haven't shot it yet! It took 4 weeks to come in and while I was waiting I purchased all the reloading items
I needed and also a few hundred rounds of ammo.
I also ordered a Millet DMS 1-4 24 Scope with 6" YHM extender amd Leupold QRW 30mm rings.
I've got a 16"barrel with the flat top with 6-Position tactical stock, so I needed the YHM extender for the eye relief I will need. I have not received the scope/mount yet.
I have to say that alot of my decisions about
WHAT to buy and from WHERE came from this great forum!
I consider myself very lucky to have discovered this forum...(my wife doesn't think so, as I'm always on the computer reading!) I am in heaven reading all this stuff about the 6.8!!!
I bought the 6.8 because I wanted the extra knock down power over a .223 caliber. I may actually try Mule
deer hunting with it in November! I like to go up near Glenwood, New Mexico for mulies. I live in El Paso, Texas and that's not a far distance to go.
Anybody in my area, drop me a line. Thanks again!

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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