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Hello and a few questions

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Hello to all!! I just recently purchased a RRA CAR A4 in of course 6.8 SPC. I wanted to get an AR before our current admin actively starts trying to ban them again but I wanted something that potentially could be dual use; e.g. self defense and hunting. I thought the 6.8 SPC would fit the bill nicely! I've perused some of the forum and now I have more questions then when I first started!! One is where the heck can I find brass? Second what is the issue surrounding SAAMI vs SPC II. I saw a thread about reaming to bringing the chamber up to the different spec. Can someone explain what are the pros and cons? Also the shop that I bought the gun from recommended that I not buy SSA ammo due to reported issues yet here they are obviously promoted. Personally I'd to try them myself and make my own determination but I would like to understand the dichotomy. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Welcome to the group. As stated above, your RRA is good to go with SSA. Your dealer, as well intentioned as he may be, is misinformed about SSA. They are a premium ammo manufacturer. I hope you find some brass. I'd order direct from SSA. Check out SSA's 85 grain TSX load that'll hit around 3000fps out of your RRA!
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