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Heads up on Barrett 30rd sale.

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Well after searching the threads and deciding to keep my MK12 Mod 0 clone...I finally ordered some magazines.

Just to share the info, www.mygotimegear.com has Barrett 30rd's on sale for 37.99. I ordered 8 for myself and now passing along the info.

If this is old, my apology. And no, I have no affiliation with them and actually ordred some c-products from another vender (44mag.com) but plan on returning the shipment due to the quality issues I've read and since the rifle will be fielded.
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Hello fellow Dallasite!

The Barretts are great but I wouldn't give up the C-products yet. I have 12 C-products and 6-PRI and now 2-Barrett and I have had to send 2 PRI back as opposed to no C-mags or Barrett. If your carrying this on patrol then stick with what you trust but don't give up on the C's because of what some one else wrote. Plus I have pushed a few hundred down range with the C-mags and have had no problems.
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