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Has anyone received their Xtreme yet?

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Just wondering as to a possible performance report from those that have received their 6.8 Xtreme from AR15performance?
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marinesg1012 said:
Hey guys I am getting an XM68 and a regu;lar Xtreme.... I will do a shoot and test on both of them when I get a chance.....
I had a feeling you were the one that had your order shipped already! I was #2 on Titans list before my photoshopping antics, so hopefully mine will be shortly after the 23rd!
longhunter1 said:
Hey guys,
I've been looking through this thread and it looks like AR-15Performance takes about three months getting out the Xtreme Uppers. I live east of the Miss. River and am seriously thinking of ordering one from Titan Armory. Can anyone tell me if their order-to-shipping time is about the same? I'm not planning on getting anything too exotic. Just the upper with the YHM flip-up sight gas block and the YHM Phantom flash suppressor. Thanx in advance for any info you can provide!!

Since it is a collaborative effort, their shipping times are similar. With the market the way it is right now, there are struggles getting the individual components together
1 - 2 of 57 Posts