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My membership expires tomorrow and I had some $10 coupon codes so I bought some. *Note they are out of stock and list an available date of 05/10/2009, but I'm in no hurry. They are not at the great price some of us lucky one's got a year ago but crunched some numbers and it's still not a bad deal. With the five $10 coupons I made five separate orders, Membership price $17.34 box 20rds. + $8.49 shipping - $10 coupon = $15.83 Total of 5 boxes (100rds) for $79.15 shipped (.79 cent a round) not to bad. *Note uncheck the Package Protection for .99 cent*

Part of the crunching the numbers part I figured up was of the reloading components I had on hand. One round of virgin SSA brass + primer + powder + Sierra 115 gr. HPBT = .78 cent for first round. Not bad paying SSA .01 cent more to load a comm. round for me, plus I have the brass to reload later. I also checked into buying the 100rds order using the $10 coupon and save on shipping but it was still a little over $6 more than buying them all separate. Just some heads up FWIW. Oh, and google is your friend if your a member :wink:
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