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Gung Ho Newbie

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Hey all,
I'm new here on these forums. I have just recently started getting into firearms. The recent election of the messiah has afflicted me with the gun fever, which standard 5.56 just wont cure. I currently have just an HK45, but have an LWRC 6.8 on order and am on a waiting list for a Barrett REC7 and M107. This forum seems pretty great and I cant wait to learn and hopefully contribute to it.

I just want to say that I have absolutely no military or law enforcement training, and being an untrained, (soon to be) heavily armed, freedom loving civilian, I am a liberals worst nightmare.

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Welcome rbjem,
you'll find the water temperature here is "just right" :mrgreen:

Since you seem to be starting a collection, you may as well check out the Extreme
Welcome aboard.
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