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Gun Market?

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Is the firearm market starting to catch up yet? I've been seeing more Ar's and stuff show up and sit longer. Hows it in your areas?
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jamesb74 said:
Somebody asked about primers in another thread and to try and be helpful I scanned Wideners,Powder Valley,Graf&sons,and Midway thinking I could find something and nothing was available.
I've been buying from Powder Valley. Even though the stuff is listed as out of stock, I go ahead and back order. Last month that ran about 3 weeks before I received the 5000 CCI small rifle primers I ordered. They are running behind because of the order volume and sometimes stuff will come in and sell out before they update the site. You just have to call and ask. Plus, they are not gouging on prices. I don't mind the wait, so I just permanently keep stuff on order with them to offset.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts