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Gun Market?

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Is the firearm market starting to catch up yet? I've been seeing more Ar's and stuff show up and sit longer. Hows it in your areas?
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Kathy and I set up at the Springfield MO gun show this weekend. At dinner on Saturday night we sat next to two CMMG employees who initially had a large booth when the show opened on Friday night. Normally about 6-8 tables.However on Saturday...they were not set up. The tables were empty.

We discussed the show and they told us they had sold ALL of their AR rifles in four hours Friday night.... Many to other dealers. About 60 rifles.

CMMG is notorious for selling "barrel rifles" at discount at the shows. Usually with some minor cosmetic issue for well below market value. It used to be take your pick of any rifle in the barrel for $599...then $699. They were very popular before the election and even more so now.

There were a number of AR's that were unsold at the end of the weekend but these were typically higher end weapons over $1200 . At the last two shows I have sold one New SA85M AKS for $750, a new AR-10 SS Armalite A2 .308 upper for $900, and a like new used Bushmaster Dissipator .223 for $900. A new Eagle A2 DCM competition rifle with match grade SS barrel for $1095 has collected a lot of interest but remains unsold. I sold (6) 20 " 5.56 AR chrome barrels in HBAR and military profile for $225-$275 each.

I think the inflated rifles continue to collect dust but those that are reasonably priced continue to sell.

Ammo continues to be a hot commodity with .380 auto non existent, with 9mm, 10mm .40 S&W and 45 ACP in limited supply at inflated prices.
Brass case .223 55g /62g is selling for $475-$500 / K.
Brass cased Santa Barbara and Radway Green berdan 7.62 x 51 NATO FMJ is selling for $595-$650 / K.

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