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GS custom bullets...

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As some of you know the GS 80 grain HV bullets got 3400 FPS in the the test Tim and C and HTR did... and C has gotten the 105's (BC .505) up to 3000 FPS but those cant be loaded to mag length... well I emailed them about the 80's just to have something else in the bullet pile.. the HV's are a hollow point and according to the dealer will expand down to 1500-1600 FPS... HTR and Tim said they penetrated a whole hog length wise with those bullets.... thats pretty impressive

Either way while I was talking to them they said they would have two new bullets to offer in the .277 category, both will be 99 grains one will be the HV which has the hollow point and will expand on game again down to that 15-1600 FPS range, its BC info is as follows :
Part number: 270099HV246
m/s - fps - BC 884 2900 0.313
m/s - fps - BC 686 2250 0.313
m/s - fps - BC 488 1600 0.312

the second is a SP which is a VLD type match bullet for comps and such here is the info on that:
Part number:270099SP217
m/s - fps - BC 884 2900 0.402
m/s - fps - BC 625 2050 0.379
m/s - fps - BC 366 1200 0.277

Those last two bullets wont be offered for a few more months but I thought you guys would be interested in this info.

Hopefully we can get more companies to build 95-105 grain bullets (like the accubonds and Vmax's or Amax's) for the 6.8

here is the website for the North American importer.. http://www.gsgroup.co.za/NLTCorderhv.html

and the makers website: http://gscustom.co.za/
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That is great. Can they both be loaded to mag length? Did they give a price? We need something affordable.
Tim, do you think that they could make an affordable match bullet for us also?
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