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GS custom bullets...

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As some of you know the GS 80 grain HV bullets got 3400 FPS in the the test Tim and C and HTR did... and C has gotten the 105's (BC .505) up to 3000 FPS but those cant be loaded to mag length... well I emailed them about the 80's just to have something else in the bullet pile.. the HV's are a hollow point and according to the dealer will expand down to 1500-1600 FPS... HTR and Tim said they penetrated a whole hog length wise with those bullets.... thats pretty impressive

Either way while I was talking to them they said they would have two new bullets to offer in the .277 category, both will be 99 grains one will be the HV which has the hollow point and will expand on game again down to that 15-1600 FPS range, its BC info is as follows :
Part number: 270099HV246
m/s - fps - BC 884 2900 0.313
m/s - fps - BC 686 2250 0.313
m/s - fps - BC 488 1600 0.312

the second is a SP which is a VLD type match bullet for comps and such here is the info on that:
Part number:270099SP217
m/s - fps - BC 884 2900 0.402
m/s - fps - BC 625 2050 0.379
m/s - fps - BC 366 1200 0.277

Those last two bullets wont be offered for a few more months but I thought you guys would be interested in this info.

Hopefully we can get more companies to build 95-105 grain bullets (like the accubonds and Vmax's or Amax's) for the 6.8

here is the website for the North American importer.. http://www.gsgroup.co.za/NLTCorderhv.html

and the makers website: http://gscustom.co.za/
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They can both be loaded to mag length from what I understand... I dont think they will be affordable considering the 80 grainers are 45 dollars per 50....
For any one interested they have hit the website and are now for sale...
99 grain SP (target bullet)
Tech date: http://www.gsgroup.co.za/270099SP217.html
and to order:

99 grain HV (hollow point hunting bullet)
Tech data: http://www.gsgroup.co.za/270099HV246.html
and to order:
That is a heck of a write up....

I am going to get some and hope to put it right through a piggie at HTR's... I may even wait for a frontal shot to see if I can get it to go all the way through him...:D
worldskipper said:
Tim are the HV bullets real HP's? I mean are they mostly for paper punching or will the expand when hitting something soft and wet like a antelope (speed goat), coyote, or prairedog?
Yes they are designed to be a hunting bullet and will expand down to 15-1600 FPS

I dont know if they would expand on a yote or a prairie dog... I dont even know if they will expand on deer but I am pretty sure they will, and I am sure i want to find out....
Oh... No those wont expand... according to the Brian the owner of that northern light trading that imports them they are designed just to be a target round....
I am not Tim, nor have I even shot any of these but I figure since constructor was shooting them last weekend and he was shooting the longer ones and he was probably shooting them in a 1-11 I doubt we will have any issues with the twist of the barrels. I think they figure their bullets are longer then other bullets of the same weight so you should use a tighter twist but I dont see us having a problem with these bullets in a 1-11 or 1-12 twist....
I would be up for a group hunt.

These bullets are very cool and I cant wait to see what other bullets will grow from our experiences with these.
Thanks for the update, and I know I am looking forward to my bullet order :D
H have you sent northern lights an email? I was thinking about it but I didnt want to bother them.....
Cool thanks..... I am waiting on these, hawks bullets, UBR's....... dont even know how much of my reloading stuff has shown up..... the first few days at home are going to be a pain in the arse....
when you have 3-4 months of nothing but internet orders things can get confusing
The GF does a good job of letting me know what I have..... when I get home, I am like a kid at christmas, but she tells me I can head down stairs to the man room till the next day :D

But if I need any help i will let you know.... acctually some of the stuff I have on order is for friends and family
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