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Great Mil Dot Scope Value...!

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There has been a lot of discussion of late from members looking for a good but inexpensive optic for their rifles.

I would like to suggest the following from SWFA:




For those unfamiliar with Vortex Optics...they are a US company out of Wisconsin who have generated a reputation for making a good value scope. Their Viper line is considered to be one of the best you can buy for under $1,000. Their reviews on SWFA and other optic forums has been very positive.

SWFA is selling a discontinued model of their Crossfire line which had 1/8 MOA marked turrets installed instead of the correct 1/4 MOA turrets. As a result SWFA is closing this model out for...$99....!

The kicker is that Vortex has a unlimited , transferable, no questions asked LIFETIME warranty on all their optics. This particular model is 6-24x50 with Mil Dot reticle and Parallax adjustment down to 10 yds. This would make it a good choice for a .22 rim fire or .22 mag for punching paper. It also has a European style quick focus ring. The body is one piece 1" diameter 6061 T6 aluminum. The turrets can be zeroed using a small jewelers screwdriver.

NO...it's not the best scope you can buy. But I would contend that it is definitely the best $99 scope you can buy...and if anything does wrong with it...Vortex will repair or replace it free. The company has an excellent reputation for customer service.

For those wanting to learn Mil Dots with an affordable scope...here is your opportunity. Where else can you buy a full featured variable Mil Dot scope with a unconditional lifetime guarantee, backed by an American company....for $99?

As of 2:00pm this afternoon they had fewer than 45 left...

Surely some of our guys on a budget can take advantage of this opportunity. I bought four.


BTW, I have no connection to SWFA...other than as a frequent customer.
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I just can't pass up a deal like this.... :D ...so of course I ordered one!:rolleyes:
After getting delivery of the four Vortex scopes ordered I have the following observations / likes /dislikes:


- The power ring is designed so you can clearly see the magnification from the rear of the scope. A nice feature.
- The turret adjustments have well defined clicks and are clearly marked.
- Scope includes a screw in sun shield
- Scope appears to be well made.


- The turret adjustments have almost one click of backlash when changing direction


- Windage turret is properly marked at 1/4 MOA per click
- Elevation turret is incorrectly marked at 1/4 MOA per click when they in fact are 1/8 MOA clicks.
- The objective diameter is larger than expected due to the AO ring. Outside diameter is approximately 2.550" requiring a minimum ring height of 1.300 above the weaver mounting rail.
- This is an excellent mil-dot scope for the money. I still can't believe it has an unlimited lifetime warranty and only cost $99.


Thanks for the great assessment Kerry! I received mine yesterday and I noticed the caps that cover the windage and elevation adjustments had minor dents in them that I had to flatten out with a pair of angled needlenose pliers before I could get them over the actual adjustment knobs. Other than this superficial damage, the scope looks gorgeous (for only $99!).

I know it's a little overpowered for an AR, so I might see how my dad likes it on his Browning Safari 7mm.

So, the big question is: If the scope mount here won't work, what do you recommend as a cheap, but quality alternative?

Thanks for your help and expertise here Kerry!

Ditto, I got the clear sticker as well! Also, my reticule is correct at the 14X setting and everything runs smoothly. :)
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