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Got Some CCI 34s For Sale/Trade

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So I have some CCI #34 primers I bought when I first got into the 6.8 and didn't know everything BUT Remington used SR primers. I actually have 943 primers left to be exact. If anyone is interested in them (maybe some 7.62 reloaders out there) send me a PM. I'd prefer to do a FTF so I don't have to dick around with HAZMAT but would be willing to ship. I am in the Houston area.

I am asking $25 + shipping + HAZMAT fee. I'd be willing to trade for two boxes of SSA ammo if shipped or 1 box of SSA ammo if FTF. Send me a PM if interested.
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I have seen 5000 primers shipped FedEx Ground with no HazMat fee paid. I personnally believe it is just a way for the carrier to make a bigger profit. I know that there is a Federal regulation regarding HazMat but I think that the carriers are using it as a way to line their pockets with the smaller shipments. Kind of like the Fuel Surcharge that started getting tacked onto all freight shipments the last few years. Shipping costs have gone up to cover increased costs but the fuel surcharge is still being added to each shipment.
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