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Got new Ruger 9 E

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Well finally got a new hand gun after a bit of a while...

Passed up a Glock 40 where the person behind me sighed with relief and he snatched that up. Then I went down my mental list and went looking for a good priced 45 then I saw a Ruger 9E down in the corner, normally don't like striker fire, or the ridiculous pop up flag on the SRs. But after handling the Glock that Manual Safety on the Ruger 9E seemed a smart thing. Plus the price I got a new one for $325. I know some places sell them for $299 but with shipping and FFL fees it would of been a lot higher than that.

Seems a good fit, trigger some very small grit not much noticeable but helps with tactile feel for when the clean break happens. Over all it seems pretty good for the price. I need to get a few more mags for it. Maybe a light or laser down the road. Just hope the fixed sights are set to be accurate, about the only draw back I think the pistol has even for that price range.

Some thing just felt right about this pistol so I got it, the price wasn't bad to. Not to expensive and should work well for general defense/practical purpose gun. One U-tube reviewed said plated bullets had worse accuracy and heavier ones had better. Or the fact the heavier bullet used were .356 that were used and got better accuracy.

My other Rugers have served me over the years well, never had much to excuse to get replacements for them but a an extra 9mm some how seemed to make sense.
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OK...had a fiscal scare...apparently insurance companies are bad at math and numbers they put on checks...so first one got sent back to my bank and the insurance company sent another one.

That got me thinking long and hard about the Ruger 9E, after real hard looking at it...found out guide rod is plastic bit its also on the SR 9 and 40. Decided keeping it as its a dang value pistol. I did one action...I got a Galloway SS guide rod and spring coming with a 20 Lb vs the 18 Lb one from the factory. Yep even after that scare where thinking of returning it. I'm keeping this one, probably not going to see a local deal on it like I got again. Heck the local gun shop said LCP380s are "Hard to find". PSA has them for 199.99! I could of ordered CDNN where Ruger 9Es are 299.99 later but FFL transfer and Shipping would add up.

Keeping it as it IS a great value, I needed a "Newer" 9mm anyways. It just feels right....now I have to shoot it...to busy lately for that day long shooting session I been planning for all da guns.
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I smell hippies !!!

Congrats on the new pistola!! (Plastic guide rod???? I'm with you, get a "more gooder" one for it)
Sounds good, just make sure that it works properly for you before spending money on "accessories". Picked up a SR40C a few years ago and really loved the feel and it was very accurate but after sending it back to the factory the 3rd time due to reliability I got rid of it. Lost money on the gun and some "accessories". Ruger worked to fix it but I lost trust in the gun and got rid of it.

Actually this advise is for ANY pistol regardless of manufacturer.
Thanks for the heads up, but plastic guide rod didn't feel right, so SS is bester I think. I got that over a new mag for now is how important to me it is. Besides $30 isn't much of a big buck up grade. Even the "Higher Priced" SRs got them. Wonder if the American Pistol has them.
OK...little SS guide rail with a 20lb. spring up grade...big jump in performance! This is going to be a great practice gun to get back to auto pistol basics!
Hmmm in case no one knew it, the Glock Large single piece plastic pistol holster holds a Ruger 9E perfectly also!
Got a Leapers UTG 400 lumen pistol light. For under $50 seems pretty good. Draw Back, seems to use a battery I'm not familiar with. You can manually strobe it or flick it on.

Now all I need is a holster that can hold a light.
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