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Good info for getting started with 3-Gun/Multi Gun!

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This site helped me when I first searched for multi-gun/3-gun info


also be sure to check out


00Bullitt is a 68forums.com member, shoots on a team I am sponsored on, and is a USPSA Grandmaster in production, he moderates the multi gun forum on http://www.brianenos.com/forums/ and loves to answer any questions you may have!
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Hey Cold , the 3gunrules link does not pull up... could it just be my work browser???

I have been looking into testing myself in the competitive realm for some time as it is cheaper and more convenient than going to attend training of some sort... I would like to be pushed to my failure point without needing 1500 rounds on top of a 500.00 class fee and a plane ticket... Not to say I wont ever attend one.. I will and I have a very short list of training classes I want to take in the future but time and money do not permit it...

I am interested in IDPA and 3-GUN as I want to stick close to both sides of the coin as much as possible...
I found the sandiegoshooters.net and sandiegotacticalshooters.com and I am also going to pay the 40.00 and get my year IDPA membership... I like the fact that I can run a match and stress myself to the point of failure for 15-20.00 and around 150 rounds... definately in my budget.

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts