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turrican said:
Well its my first post. I just started tossing around the idea of putting together a 6.8 rifle. I have plenty of things in .556 and I dont know why I never thought about the 6.8 before a couple days ago. So far I am impressed enough to make it my next project. Just going to take a few weeks reading up and asking questions before I decide on what make and set up is best for me.
I noticed that most of the pics here feature rifles with optics other then the eotech/aimpoint red dot types. What distances are you guys shooting typicaly?
Also, are you running the same buffers and buffer springs as the .556 guns?
I shoot out to 300 yards with mine. If I had a longer range, I would shoot further out.

Most guys that have the 6.8 use it for hunting so a scope is the better optic. If you are only shooting out to 100 yard, then a red dot makes sense.

Buffers are the same as the 5.56. For the rifle, I just use the standard rifle buffer. For a carbine stock, I like the H-buffer, but the standard buffer will work fine.

As far as uppers go, Ko-Tonics is the way to go. The uppers are affordable and have the best chamber and twist.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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