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I am surprised almost beyond words at how quickly the German Theater Shooting of 6/23/16 was dropped from the liberal media.
It was a big story for about 8 hours and then nothing. No follow up with extensive interviews, background of the shooter and victims.
Just nothing???

I have to wonder why the liberal media dropped it so quickly. Was it because the kill count wasn't exciting enough? Was it because the German Swat teams took the shooter out quickly? After all, he did have a gun, he did live in a no guns for the citizens country, he did shoot and presumably intended to kill innocent unarmed theater patrons.

Does anyone have ideas as to why it died and was dropped by the screaming anti-gun liberal media? It sure wasn't the Britex. It was a shooting.

Please share your positive constructive input. Thank You

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"he did have a gun, he did live in a no guns for the citizens country"
it proves even gun bans will not prevent
China has just as many "mass killings" and their citizens have no firearms, they use knives and most are at elementary schools, victim #'s are close to same as here with "assault rifles" and their problem is not even assisted, enabled & created by some of the thugs in power like here
you dont see the liberal media mentioning China's mass killings once

we all know their true motive, disarm to gain power, they could give a rats a$$ bout lives
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