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Anyone else seeing the shortage? I noticed several stations taking their price signs down yesterday and know now it was due to running out of fuel. All the off-interstate stations by me have regular unleaded and diesel this morning but no other grades.
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I'm not seeing anything like that around here. I'm still seeing three grades, plus diesel. Out regular is right about $2.00/gallon.
Yes, I saw a number of stations with NO gas in any grade yesterday and the price at the rest of them has jumped .30 or so in the last couple days.
Spent the last 2 days in the backcountry where there is a serious gas shortage, not even any cell service on the highest peaks. Things are looking pretty bleak back there... :a39:

All of the gas stations I saw last night in west Nashville were out of gas.

I haven't been out yet today, so I don't know if any have received deliveries since then or not.
Several stations here in knoxville are empty.
I'm not seeing anything like that around here. I'm still seeing three grades, plus diesel. Out regular is right about $2.00/gallon.
About the same here in Florida.
All appears stocked here in Seattle... but, as usual, we're getting hosed with pricing... I paid $2.59/gal for regular today. And, it's generally at $2.80/gal in most areas here.
Steady here in NE Arkansas at ~1.84.9 per gallon. I don't think the pipeline shortages are going to affect us. When I first heard about it Friday afternoon I called my son who lives in Chatt, TN and told him to go get his vehicles filled up. He said they filled up at a station for 1.93 and when they left they drove by another station that was changing their price to 2.23.

I haven't talked to him today to see what the gas situation is.
Its all about the pipeline theyre trying to put in from canada to the gulf, this will be the excuse that we really need that pipeline. even though they're already working on it the enviro"mental" people are protesting it up north somewhere. all seemed good in WV and SE Ohio today.
Yea pretty much the east coast is going to see this. Most places around me (western Nc) have 93 which is fine for my motorcycle. But some places don't even have that.
I hate price gouging --- how much do yall pay for propane fill ups ?

go to a gas station, hardware store, or RV store and its $20-25 for a 20 pounder (which they only fill to 17.7 pounds by the way), or a 100 pound tank is $65-75 around here

the conversion factor is 1 gallon of propane = 4.2 pounds so a 20 ponder is filled with 4.2 gallons of propane which means that they are charging $5-6 per gallon---- want to know what my bulk propane price is ????

$0.88/gallon (not pound) delivered---- hows that for a mark-up!~!!!
Hank? Is that you Hank?
I just paid 1.09 a gallon last week. Not sure if this is summer rate but it will cost more in winter.
The spill was in the next county from us, many of the local stations had a heads-up on Friday and were warning customers. At first they made it sound like it was localized.
I filled up this AM while going into work, noticed a few pumps closed on the way home. Thinking about filling my cans, haven't done that in a while....
The pipeline from Texas to the east coast has a major leak and they are building a bypass to patch the problem. All good on the west coast as we have nothing to do with that line. I am certain our prices will go up anyway. Paid $2.43.9 for diesel this morning
I am down to half a tank in one tank and a quarter in the other and none of my usual fill up spots have any. I hate to get in the truck to go look for it. I guess I could make some calls.
saw on the news this morning that they claim there should be fuel tanker trucks starting to arrive in the east today --- pipeline has leaked over 10 million gallons, it has been shut off and could take as much as 9 months to completely fix---it's gonna be a long scare, not a short scare--- prices will go up (all over the country) for a while
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