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game cam pics

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Well, we put up a feeder last weekend and my brother went to the lease yesterday, the lease is just outside of Columbus and there has been no hunting on or around it... I didn't really expect to see any action yet

front feeder in the field

game trail and a mineral lick I put in

stock tank, just dug a hole and filled with corn and spread some out

looks like we have some potential

no hogs on cams yet..
need to put out 2 more feeders

considering we are in a drought and there has been no supplmental feeding, I think with some rain, corn, protein and mineral licks and careful management, we can have some decent bucks

and I like to think there's a few really nice ones out there lurking in the shadows
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I disagree with the States managment style, basicly you have to kill a buck and anything with horns over its ears is a buck so aq lot of babies get killed and it makes it hard for the deer to mature.
they have implemented a 13" rule here
one over and one under with at least one un branched antler

heck, I am happy we have hogs on the place!!!
I wish they would do something like northern NH where it has to be atleast a fork, that allows the deer to be a few years older. I also wish they would allow more does to be taken, there is a drawing for anterless deer tags but most of the guys who get drawn wait to shoot a doe becuase they want a buck and then never ned up shooting either.
For archery/muzzleloading season, it's either sex in VA. Regular firearms, there's different regs for different counties, and the Wildlife Management Areas allow does only on certain days. I'm still ticked off about the last day, three idiots talking and laughing coming down the hill spooked a doe coming up my way. I had her dead to rights, and these fools were just carrying on. I had 4 rounds, I really wanted to use them.

Same here for primative weapons, either sex. Rifle season has six tags non discriminate, can shoot either but capped at six.

Cc0ker, it seems the feed is doing wonders for the herd. They look to be filling out very well.
looks like you may have a good lease there, good luck to you and your son.
well, we only had one feeder out for about 5 weeks now
we put up another one this weekend

I am happy to see they look healthy with such a drought we have been in
they have implemented a 13" rule here
one over and one under with at least one un branched antler
That's a county specific thing. Which county are you hunting in?
Colorado, between Austin and Houston
21 - 29 of 29 Posts