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If it's of interest, while checking the TV schedule I happened to notice that the History Channel is listing a new program about the M16, on at 11pm tonight.
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Watched the show - feh- first segment was on the North Hollywood BofA shootout. Last segment was nothing but a paid commercial for H&K (XM8 and 416). Some of the info presented was not so factual - for instance, a statement was made that one of the bank robbers had an M16 with "double drum mag" which afforded 200 rounds at his disposal. Last I checked, a Beta C-Mag only holds 100rds. Maybe he had two such devices?

Also, while discussing previous issue rifles, mention was made that the M1 Garand weighs in @ 13lbs! I must have the lightweight versions, as neither weighs close to that!

Also disappointing that the only M16/AR15 calibers discussed besides the .223/5.56 were 9mm, .22LR and .50 Beowulf. No mention made of the Armalite predecessors to the AR15 (AR10, et al) or present day variants.

Oh well, such is Hollywood...
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