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Full auto lower recievers?

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Does anyone know what good lower recievers are available with full auto availability? And also, I wonder if anyone had pros or cons for a full auto eXtreme 6.8 AR15. I don't even know if it is possible to have an eXtreme upper compatible with fully suto. I'm new to the Ar platform and am ordering one for patrol as its main use and possibly some hog hunting and other things. I wonder what contructor or Tim will say to this post.
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I heard a rumor that TACOM in Rock Island received 30000 servicable M-16's from the US Air Force. Maybe M-16's will become available through the 1033 LESO program again. M-16's have been hit or miss as far as availability in the past. Have your office submit a request for 1 or 2 to your state 1033 Coordinator,build it up in 6.8 and sweet talk the sheriff into issuing to you for patrol duties.

Feeding it will be expensive. Some LEA's in our state have put 22 LR conversion kits in their 1033 M-16 for "training". I hear its lots of fun.
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