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Contoured "bolt gun" pencil barrel. (I prefer heavy barrels so this one just sat in the corner)
Picked it up thinking of a build but it never happened. Went straight pipe. ;)
Wilson .270 contoured blank. 10 twist, 24" long. Cut it to your length or??
.602" at the muzzle.
1.163" at the chamber end.
Slight .480" long step up to 1.201".
High polished CM.
$125.00 shipped. CASH or PMO. PM if interested.
Pic to email only if interested. Mike.

And I'll add, was told by my Smith guy (old dude set in his ways) that Wilson barrels were JUNK because they wern't lapped??
My straight pipe that HE chambered in 6.8 SPC for my Savage bolt gun does 5 shot groups from 100 yards that are covered with a dime. Ne Ner, Ne Ner, Ne Ner. :ROFLMAO: ;) :cool:
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