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FS: Bison 11.5" 6.8 Barrel & Bolt

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For sale is a used Bison 11.5" 6.8 barrel and Stag bolt. Combo has seen approximately 200 rounds on the high estimate. Barrel is painted in Alumahyde black. Has small nicks and general wear on the finish, but shoots lights out. Running 90 gr bullets the 1:7 twist barrel has produced great groups. Only reason I am selling is I upgraded to a 6.8 piston upper so no longer need this. Since it is less than 16" know if you can legally build as a pistol or SBR. Asking 200 shipped for the combo or best offer. I would also consider trade for other gun parts. Nothing in particular in mind but open to what you got! Let me know if you have any questions on it.

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Thanks Mark! PMs have all been returned. I impulse bought a new scope so cash is king to get this to a new home.
Will take trades towards 458 socom dies or brass.
Looking for 458 socom Redding dies and a Tromix case checker. Will also consider trades for AR10 receivers, 6.5 Ruger American Predator (I can put cash on top), or other fun stuff. If whoever purchases or trades for this wants a Brownells 12" 5.56 barrel (threaded 1/2-28) I'll offer it to you super cheap in a package deal.
Yessir Bison created these with carbine.
I'm going to load some subs up for this barrel this weekend I hope. I have some Bison 200 gr bullets and plan on getting some others that Marl at MDWS offer. I also acquired the recipe to what was being run in the video below.Thanks to Ben at CFL in Fl. for answering my email on his recipe.

185 shipped to get it a new home.
185 shipped to get it a new home.
Can you send pics of the wear areas to [email protected] please? Thanks.
For that price I'll take it.

My PM function here doesn't work. I can receive but not reply I think.

Can you PM me your email address?
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