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FS: ADM rings, JP sight, Spikes AK MB, Aero 308 bolt, Magpul CTR

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FS: found some things in boxes so cleaning things out. All items very light use or no use. USPS MO or PayPal (you cover fees or gift).

Spikes AK Dynacomp: $45.00 shipped

(SOLD) ADM 35mm rings for variety of ADM mounts. $20.00 shipped.

(SOLD) JP (JPSRTS) short range tactical sight. Very useful tool here. $30.00 shipped

(SOLD) Aero Precision LR308 melonite bolt and firing pin (n
ever used): $ 55.00 shipped

(SOLD) Magpul CTR FDE/mil, very light use: $30.00 shipped




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1 - 1 of 1 Posts