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? for those who also reload .308

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will the H322 work for reloading the .308 in 150gr-168gr BTHP?

And how well is H335 for the 6.8 in loading 110 BTHP? I ask on the H335, cause its supposed to also works for .308?
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Which rifle in .308? FAL, HK91, M14, AR10? Barrel length? H335 will work for both. H322 will work but is a little fast.
If your shooting the traditional 22" barrel then H4895 is one of the better powders. I use 42grains behind a 147 or 150 grain FMJ which gives military ball velocities. H322 will work, it's just not optimal for the longer barrel. H335 is about the same in burn as H4895, but I would check Hodgdon's web sight for load info. The M14 is designed for military ball which is lighter than modern civilian .308 ammo so I wouldn't load to max, a grain or two under would be better. You can also look at TAC, it works well in the M14, I use 42 to 42.5 grains with a 147gr FMJ.
Yup, it should. I would stick around 40 grains for 147 - 150 grain bullets. I used RE7 for my Socom 16 once, it worked fine, and that is faster than H322.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts