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Thanks for the work here and all the expertise. I am looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing something useful at some point.

Just got into 6.8 after researching both 6.8 and Grendel. Long-time AR platform fan, ever since ROTC in college and subsequent Army service. I have built several 5.56, one 300AAC, and just bought my first 6.8. I think the rifle will be a reasonable entry point, especially when I kit up a bit :a21:. It is a Palmetto State Armory 1:11 18" SS barrel. I am already thinking about a long barrel build!

I am a reloader for 2 pistol and 5 (now 6!) rifle calibers. I am looking forward to seeing how much I can squeeze out of this caliber once I get more comfortable with it. Thanks in advance for all the help and guidance.
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