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First of all I want to say Great Site! Well organized, and usefull information. Ya'll (I'm in Georgia) seem to be very helpfull.

I chose the 6.8 because I had to sell most all of my guns except 1 to raise funds. My 6.8 seemed to be the one rifle to keep. My only issue is that after reading your discussions, I realized that my rifle needs some work. I have a DPMS upper with a 20" Model 1 Sales barrel. Wrong chamber and twist. I don't know if I should bother getting in line for the reamer or just sell the upper and go extreme. Money is real tight around here. Anyway, I wish I would have found ya'll sooner. I look forward to the education and discussion. Thanks for having me.

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Welcome Aboard Patriot, What part of the peach state do you call home?
I live between Athens and Atlanta. Every time I click on your photo links, I get a "You are banned" message. What's up?

Thanks for the welcome.

It would appear that paulo is an outstanding resource.
That was just me goofing around, I need to change it here soon.
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