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chazamacue said:
Ok, I've got one you've NEVER HEARD BEFORE! I'm new to the AR platform. I want to build my own AR15. After scouring magazines, subscribing to all the forums, talking to my local gun store guys, and of course, watching Mac on Future Weapons, I'm not that much closer to AR enlightenment. The things I know for sure are...
1) .223 has always seemed under powered to meThat's why the rest of us are here!!
2) .308 seems excessive for most of what I'll be doing (targets and plinking) 7.62 is cool, but heavier.
3) I grew up shooting a Ruger M77 .270 and getting sub MOA groups The 270 is one of the best.
4) I'd better make up my mind and get something before its too late Get in line w/ the rest of us!
So, I think I like the 6.8 SPC. I think I'll probably HAVE to get into reloading now or go broke buying the ammo. I also think the piston system (ala LWRC) looks like the way to go. Is it possible to utilize the cleaner piston system with a free floating barrel? Many piston rifles like some LWRC, POF, Robinson XCR, Barret, LMT, Addax Tactical and others have free float quad rail options. The piston assembly still rides on the barrel, but external forces are eliminated. Who is making the best barrels? Look for specs like SPC II and DMR chambers, and rifle twists of 1:11-1:12. 1:10 is okay but not optimal.[color]What are the proper number of lands and rifling to maximize this cartridge? 4 seems to be optimal, but some work well with 6. Should I just buy the whole darn gun, and if so, REC7, H&K 416, LWRC? (Who else does gas piston?) Addax Tactical, sponsor above, Robinson Arms XCR.
Thanks for helping to educate a new guy

Welcome to the group. Read the barrel testing reports at the top of the page to learn more about barrel specs. It's really your choice to buy the entire gun or build one to suit your exact specifications. It's all good.
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