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Welcome aboard.

I would say by far the SSA ammo as well as the brass is many time better then any one else. The Hrdy is good and if it wasn't for the freaky SSA stuff I would think it was very good and is compared to other ammo in other calibers but the SSA stuff is very accurate the cases are very very strong and is has more velocity then anything out there.

As far as guns my opinion is: if you need to keep cost to bottom dollar the best value is the RRA upper. If you want a step up in performance the Cardinal Armory can't be beat by any of the normal manufactures. If you want a top end build the place to go is AR15 performance. He will build anything you want as long as it has a true match barrel. He only deals in them. He does the be4st work I have seen. He is a site sponsor here and a regular poster screen name Constructor. We also have a barrel upper testing happening in a 3 weeks that will be test the performance of various barrels with different spec to find which ones allow for the top performance.

I think you will ind a treasure drove of info and data on the 6.8 that only here can be found all on one site

We have a good bunch of guys here and everyone is willing to help the other. What ever question you have no matter how basic you may think it is feel free to ask way. We are all here to help and learn from each other.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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