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Floorplate Removal?

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I am trying to clean my mags for the first time, but I can't seem to get the floor-plate to come off. I have only tried to take one of my mags apart so far, o I am not too sure if there is a problem with this one or if I am doing something wrong. The PRI plates seem like they will come off relatively easy since that have the little tab that holds them in place. I haven't had trouble with those. The mag giving me problems is a CP mag.

I have tried using my thumbs to press on the plate and slide forward. Plus I tried placing a screw driver in the small notch and prying it open. Anyone have some suggestions on how to remove it easier?
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Stop tearin up yer shit boy!:D
It will require slightly bending up the end with the beveled tab and sliding the plate past the two stops. Then it slides right out. Straighten out the plate once it is off. you will not bend it enough to damage it. Just did one of mine to make sure. Just keep the bend very small, only enough to clear the stops.

Call me when you go shooting again.
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