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First time I had a set of Warne rings fail.

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I recently paid Alaskan price ($98 for something that cost $80 everywhere else.) for a set of Aluminum extra high Warne Tactical rings for my flat top Stag 6.8. "Leupold matte 6x 42mm FX-III scope" And this $98 was after a 175 mile round trip on a snowy day.

They have 8 screws that hold the two piece of the ring together and a big bolt instead of a lever to lock the ring onto the rail..

Well, this is the first time I ever had a bun product from Warne. While placing the rings on the rail, one of the rings snugged up just fine by using 65 inch pounds on the bolt as per the instructions.... HOWEVER, the other ring was not so co-operative. I kept turning and waiting until I notice that the threaded stud was pulling itself right out of the threaded hole. In fact it pulled the threads right out with very little pressure.
After much cussing I figured I had two choices.
1. Send them back to Warne and not go shooting. And hope they would believe that I never was able to get anywhere near 65 inch pounds while the threads pulled out like butter.
2. Try 5 ton epoxy on the threaded stud and hope that it would allow me to tighten the bolt enough.

I tried the 5 ton epoxy gig in hopes of making some range time the next day. And of course it still does not feel right. We Alaskans are so used to getting screwed on products and having to wait forever, it seemed like a good idea at the time...
Anyway it will work for awhile but I am sure that a set of steel rings are in my future.
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Call them up and see if they will send you a new one.
Not to sound like and A$$

But this is why I only use two brands of all my needs.

1. Badger Ordnance
2. Seekins Precision

You and I sir, are in the same boat. I do not have time to mess around with equipment that does not work.

I use quality just like you sir.

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The leupold "tactical" rings are nice as well, not as nice as the badgers but good for most stuff.
I just tried to send WARNE an e-mail, but guess what?? They do not list a contact e-mail or a cutomer service dept....
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