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First high end scope

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I am on the preorder list for the Xtreme, which will be my first 6.8. I have been thinking this rifle will be a good shooter with all the attention to detail and the 5R barrel and was wanting a high quality optic to realize its potential. The scope will be used for hunting and target practice and may possible removed once in a while to mount a Eotech for close in hunting so it will more than likely be mounted in a Larue quick detach mount. When hunting the longest shot will be @200 yards. The same goes for the range I go to, 200 max (it may be extended to 300 in the future). The power range I am thinking would fit my needs is roughly 4-16. After doing alot of looking I have pretty much settled on one scope, a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 with Mildot reticle and target turrets.
www.zeiss.com/c1256bcf0020be5f/Contents ... d700377d7e

These scopes cost a pretty penny and I am not made of money so it will be awhile before I can get it, but I would like some input from someone who owns a zeiss scope if they have had any problems and what there impressions of it are. Any input would be appreciated.
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14x is not overkill as long as you have a variable power scope where you can dial it down if needed. When shooting distance, my vote is to give your eyes a break. So why not get more magnification as it does come in handy?
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