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First high end scope

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I am on the preorder list for the Xtreme, which will be my first 6.8. I have been thinking this rifle will be a good shooter with all the attention to detail and the 5R barrel and was wanting a high quality optic to realize its potential. The scope will be used for hunting and target practice and may possible removed once in a while to mount a Eotech for close in hunting so it will more than likely be mounted in a Larue quick detach mount. When hunting the longest shot will be @200 yards. The same goes for the range I go to, 200 max (it may be extended to 300 in the future). The power range I am thinking would fit my needs is roughly 4-16. After doing alot of looking I have pretty much settled on one scope, a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 with Mildot reticle and target turrets.
www.zeiss.com/c1256bcf0020be5f/Contents ... d700377d7e

These scopes cost a pretty penny and I am not made of money so it will be awhile before I can get it, but I would like some input from someone who owns a zeiss scope if they have had any problems and what there impressions of it are. Any input would be appreciated.
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Paulo, thanks for the recommendation. It looks like a good scope but, I am wanting a little more magnification for paper punching and the accupoint is only a little over $100 cheaper than the best price I have found for the Zeiss.

Since money is tight right now the other option I am considering is a Zeiss conquest 3-9x40 which is $100 cheaper than the accupoint. I have two 3-9 now (simmons) but, they are not clear eenough for what I am wanting and the Zeiss may make up for it. I don't need the mildot or the target turrets but would like to have them
Thanks for the replies. I admit the 4.5-14 is a little much for 200 yds but I am hoping to find a place to shoot further in the future. I guess it really boils down to the fact that I would like a good quality scope that will not hinder me in the future. I found the 4.5-14 listed above for $679 which is a little more than $200 of list price.

After doing some research on reviews of Zeiss everyone seems well pleased with them. They offer a limited lifetime warranty as well. I have decided to go with Zeiss for the scope, just have to decide on the magnification range. The 3-9 is 405.00
ccoker said:
how about the Trijicon 3-9?
It would make a good choice as well. The best price I can find for it so far is 100 dollars cheaper than the Zeiss 4.5-14 and 170 dollars more than a Zeiss 3-9. If I can get the higher magnification version it will pull double duty on my other ARs at some point especially for hand load development since I will be reloading shortly.
Strike 3 said:
I have a Zeiss 4.5-14-44 .Awesome scope.You can read lips at 300 yds. 200 yds it is freaky accurate.The glass is the best I have used at low light .I lost a buck of a life time and moved up to this,just for the sake of first and last light when the big boys are on the move .I have never sat in wait with more than 11 power.I took a deer at 20 yards this past Nov. power was at the bottom end and was great at last light.I think what you describe ,the 3-9 should be right.The 50 size bell on the scope you mention is huge.That may cause a mounting issue .As for the Eotech it is great too.I have one on my RRA.It too has its home.For close up hunting to get a quick shot off at under 100 yds it is a good choice also.I am mounting the Eotech on my slug gun for short -fast shooting.You wont go wrong with the Zeiss.I gave you alot to chew on,but it is done with what I have and use and is just my own opinion.This is a great site with great people for help.Good luck
I have been wondering that as well. I have emailed Larue to see if they think it would fit ok, but no answer yet. Anyone have a picture of one they could post?
J.Boyette said:
The 50mm will clear, no issues there.

I would hold out if you can.

I would hold until after Shot Show due to the new 2009 stuff coming on the market. Once it does, the 2007 and 2008 products that did not move will be at a better price point.

I have been holding off for awhile and just wanted to look at it one more time. Pulled up the website and the price went up 100 dollars :x . Hopefully it will come down again. If not I will get a 3-9 and a progressive reloading press.
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