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Hey guys just started my 6.8 build I've been planning for a year .
Had to finish my 300 blk sbr first .

I'm from southern Oregon . This rifle will be for Deer and yotes .
I've browsed this site for like a year.

I have a head start with a complete sbr lower from my 300 build

Ordered my ARP 12.5 barrel . Bcg and superbolt from H.

A side charging handle upper from xproducts .

MI ssk 12" handguard . Might be a clone but for 50 bucks I won't complain .

Already have the silencerco trifecta muzzle break for the 7.62 saker . Vortex viper pst 2.5 - 10 x 32 scope . Warn ramp mount . Plan on a vortex venom red dot also .

Only thing I haven't ordered is the gas block and tube . I wanted to do a switchblock but noveske isn't making them anymore and didn't make them for mid length gas barrels anyways .
I'm considering the Odin adjustable block .

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hello from Oklahoma, sounds like you've got the guts right on that build. i use gen 2 Syrac, but am building a 16" with a superlative arms block, i like the way it is described to work. i'll find out soon, will assemble it all on saturday
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