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Final day of Deer Season (GORE)

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On the morning of Jan 4th right after I got off work I decided to take one last crack at filling my deer tags. When I got to the family spread I was enthusiastically greeted by my uncles dog and couldnt shake Bear off my trail. I decided what the hell I had been told Bear wasnt gun shy and since there was really no place to lock him up at I went to my normal hide.

Twenty minutes later I arrived at my spot, basically a bit of high ground that is surrounded by the creek. I leaned up against my tree and watched the antics of the dog as he ran around like the pup that he is. Half an hour later I spotted movement in the timber and thought it was a 'yote or fawn due to how low to the ground it was but was leaning towards it being a coyote.

With the combination of one crazy pup and a coyote in what was the main avenue of approach for the deer that they would not be making an appearance this day, so I decided to take the first real shot that presented itself. About the time I had decided to shoot out he came and then sat in the shade making a well aimed shot not possible as all I could see at that point was a dark spot. Soon enough he moved but looked as if he was going to get away.

Thats when he messed up and turned completely around and looked right at me. The Ar was already pointed in his direction and the circle dot reticle was on his chest. Here is the result.

Massive trauma

Stag upper with Millet DMS for size comparison

Needless to say it was a perfect BANG flop using SSA 110gr PH (standard)
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Someone was asking regarding a fur friendly load.....this ain't it. :shock:

How did Bear react?

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