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FFL question for DFW, TX folks

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Have any of you used Lee's Gun Parts in Irving for FFL transfers? I hear they are $10. I tried calling a number of times today, but busy everytime.

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No the money would go to whoever you where buying it from, they are just shipping to your FFL becuase it is out of state or whatever... if your doing a hand to hand transfere you dont have to do the form (in my state your may be different)
if you get a firearm from out of state it is suppose to go through a dealer when it shows up in your state for you to do the form on....
Exactly.. for example...

Suppose ADCO has a RRA 6.8 you want. You contact them and pay for it over the phone with your CC and give them your FFL's name.

-If they have your FFL's license on file, ADCO ships it right away to your FFL.
-If ADCO doesn't have a copy of your FFL's license, then your FFL has to send them a copy. Then they ship the rifle.

Once the gun arrives at your local FFL, you go pick it up and fill out the transfer paperwork, pay their transfer fee. Take your gun home.

Most FFL's do transfers because it's easy money and they get to meet new customers. $30 to $50 is common per transfer, so $10 is a deal if Lee's is doing that. My FFL charges $40 per transfer. $10 sounds much better!!

The other way is if your FFL orders it for you, then you pay for it when it shows up as if they had it in stock.
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Lee's says he "tries not to" do FFL transfers.

A guy I have used in Garland does it for $15.

The advantage of ordering yourself from out of state and going through FFL is that you don't pay sales tax.
Yep.. very good point, the sales tax. That's 7% to over 8% in some places.
I used Cash Advance Pawn in Benbrook, TX. They're right off of 377. $10 transfers and they were very nice.
I took note of that one. That's a great price for a transfer.
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